Diesel, Filtration, Polishing Services


Before and after diesel samples - photo (1).jpg
Left Sample:
                                                   Degraded dieseL *emulsified water" oxidation
      Right Sample:
      Same diesel after our process
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Diesel Polishing / Recycle

Texas Diesel Solutions has developed a proven and unique diesel decontamination service. Our lines of purification products, services, and systems restore contaminated diesel back to its original quality.

Our diesel purification services and systems will:

  • eliminate high-cost disposal, transportation costs, environmental pollution issues, and unplanned mechanical failures.
  • purifies the diesel at the client's facility without releasing or entering into the environment.
  • remove contaminates from the diesel to comply with required ASTM specifications.

These services provide our clients with EPA and state approved economic alternatives for reuse, instead of the disposal of thousands of gallons of degraded or contaminated diesel.

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Over the past 20 years, Texas Diesel Solutions has solved the problems of contaminated diesel for numerous customers. This unique ability enables us to expand our services of testing and processing with of our mobile units.

To include:

  • on-site diesel tanks
  • utilization of the Coale Separator™
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Larger Units: 

  • We have developed an economical line of re-circulating, filterless purifiers and polishing units that will purge 99.9% contaminants from our client's diesel.
  • Once utilized on-site, these units also eliminate algae, bacteria, and other microorganisms (slime causing bugs) through a magnetic fuel conditioner component.  
  • We condition the fuel with a full spectrum stabilizer to upgrade to the new proposed premium diesel fuel specs.
  • These units are built to process up to 60,000 gallons per day with a single mobile unit.

Smaller Units:

  • Our smaller model will maintain diesel quality ranging from 150-1,500 gallons by setting the number of hours per day required to purify the tank contents on a weekly basis.
  • This design feature spreads the process out over 7 days.